Lartigue, life in colors

life in colour is a magnificent opportunity to discover an unpublished part of Jacques Henri Lartigue's work, his colour photographs having so far been only very partially shown and remaining, in their great majority, perfectly unknown. Celebrated in the 20th century as a genius of black and white, Jacques Henri Lartigue is also an artist of colour, and the perception that we had of his work is upset and enriched.

For him, life and colour are inseparable. The autochromes of his youth (1912-1927) then the ektachrome process that he adopted from the 50s until his death in 1986 allow him to translate the passionate joy that inhabits him and remain, in his words, what is "best capable of expressing charm and poetry". In the photographs of this last and long period of his life, colour appears as the enchanted part of an increasingly free work.

Lartigue, la vie en couleurs

Martine d'Astier, Martine Ravache

23 x 28 cm, 168 pages
Publié par le Seuil 
ISBN : 9782021235128
CHF 49.-



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