Cover: Franck Schramm, Standups - Reportings Live from Ground Zero


1 - Anonyme, Where to Be When the Past is Over
Presented by Martin Crawl

2 - Frank Schramm, Standups—Reporting Live from Ground Zero
Presented by Ulrike Meyer Stump

3 - Alain Declercq et Jeanne Susplugas, Fallout Shelters
Presented by Véronique Terrier Hermann

4 - Jean-Luc Cramatte et Jakob Nzudie, Supermarket
Presented by Sam Stourdzé

5 - Bernd et Hilla Becher, Anonyme Skulpturen
Presented by Antoine de Beaupré

6 - Alain Della Negra et Kaori Kinoshita, The Coming Race
Presented by Véronique Terrier Hermann

7 - Anonyme, Small Fires
Presented by Guy Sire

8 - Joachim Schmid, The Missing Pictures

9 - Werner Kühler, Japonais récalcitrants

10 - Here is Japan
Presented by Yannick Bouillis

11 - Hank Willis Thomas, Unbranded
Presented by Pauline Martin

12 - René Char, Le tombeau des secrets
Presented by Clément Chéroux

13 - Yann Gross, Kitintale
Presented by Sam Stourdzé

14 - Patrick Bernier et Olive Martin, When e-Space Meets Real-Space
Presented by Véronique Terrier Hermann

15 - Henri Foucault, Donne-moi tes yeux


ELSE by Elysée

ELSE is the magazine for the other photography. A photography considered not only for itself, but that manifests itself in series, collections, brought together through the eye of the photographer, the artist, the critic, the curator, the collector…

Breaching from the cult for the beautiful image, a history of photography shaped alongside that of Fine Arts or a history of masterworks, ELSE is the magazine for obsessive approaches, the impoverished image, the image in disguise, the image diverted, appropriated, re-appropriated…

From reconciliations to confrontations, from historic to contemporary, from vernacular to artistic, ELSE embraces everything, mixes everything, and revels
in a categorized classification of images.

Platform, network, meeting point for unconventional approaches, ELSE defines itself as an ever widening circle inviting those with a taste for differentia,
under the scrutiny of the editorial committee - Christophe Blaser, Clément Chéroux, Joan Fontcuberta, Erik Kessels, Christoph Schifferli and Véronique Terrier Hermann.

At the junction of banality, strangeness and the quotidian, ELSE aspires to be a visual laboratory, an attempt to make the images speak.
Under the artistic direction of Thierry Häusermann and Raphaël Verona (Idpure), ELSE compiles each portfolio as a visual demonstration, reducing text to its minimum; factual, it favors images.

Why ELSE? Because ELySéE. ELSE is a production of the Musée de l’Élysée, and aspires to become the Swiss magazine of photography. What else? ELSE, the other photography.

Sam Stourdzé
Director of the Musée de l'Elysée (2010-2014)


Quentin Bajac
Chief Curator of Photography, Centre Pompidou—Musée national d’art moderne, Paris. He is the author of many books: La Photographie: Du Daguerréotype au numérique (Gallimard, 2010) and Le mélange des genres - Entretiens avec Martin Parr (édition Textuel, 2010). His most recent exhibitions include Dreamlands (2010), Valérie Jouve—en attente (2010) and La Subversion des images: surréalisme, photographie, film (2009).

Clément Chéroux
Photography Curator at the Centre Pompidou – Musée national d'art moderne. A Photography Historian and Doctor in Art History, he runs the magazine Etudes photographiques. He curated the exhibitions Mémoire des camps: photographies des camps de concentration et d’extermination nazis, 1933-1999 (2001), Le Troisième oeil: la photographie et l’occulte (2004), La Subversion des images: surréalisme, photographie, film (2009), Shoot! La photographie existentielle (2010), Edvard Munch: l’oeil moderne (2011), Derrière le rideau, l’esthétique Photomaton (2012).

Martin Crawl
Artist born (1967) in the United States, he lives and works in Paris. He recently published En rêvant à partir/After (coll. No Picture Available, Musée de l’Elysée, June 2011). The series Where to be when the past is over was shown in Arles, as part of the exhibition From Here On (2011). The series Portrait of the Artist as a Daring Young American was exhibited at Paris Photo (2011). He has also published a text in the catalogue released on the occasion of the exhibition Derrière le rideau, l’esthétique Photomaton (2012).

Frédérique Destribats
Translator, she collects photography and photography books.

Erik Kessels
Creative Director at KesselsKramer, an independent international communication agency located in Amsterdam and London. Kessels (1966) published several books of vernacular photography through KesselsKramer Publishing, including the In almost every picture series. He is one of the editors for the alternative photography magazine Useful Photography, along with Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain and Hans van der Meer. Kessels was granted the Amsterdam Award for the Arts in 2010.

Graciela Iturbide
Graciela Iturbide's career began in 1969, when she was a student filmmaker at the Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC) at the National University of Mexico. There, she met the famous Latin American photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo who invited her to become his photographic assistant. Artistic accolades earned by this famous artist include a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Hasselblad Award, among others.

Pauline Martin
In charge of Special Projects at the Musée de l’Elysée, where she is also Chief Curator for the Nuit des Images. She has authored several articles on photography and recently published L’OEil photographique de Daniel Arasse - Théories et pratiques d’un regard (Fage éditions, 2012).

Joachim Schmid
Joachim Schmid (1955) is a Berlin-based artist who has been working with found photographs since the early 80s. His work has been exhibited internationally and is included in numerous collections. In 2007, Photoworks and Steidl published a comprehensive monograph, Joachim Schmid: Photoworks 1982–2007, on the occasion of his first retrospective exhibition.

Sam Stourdzé
Director of the Musée de l’Elysée and Chief Editor for ELSE from 2011 to 2014. For many years now, he studies the mechanisms at work in the dissemination of images, with a focus on the links between photography, art and cinema. He has published several books and curated many exhibitions, including Le cliché-verre de Corot à Man Ray, the retrospectives Dorothea Lange and Tina Modotti, Chaplin et les images and Fellini, La Grande parade.

Véronique Terrier Hermann
A Doctor in Art History and Professor at the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts in Nantes, she focuses more specifically on how contemporary art interplays with cinema and documentary.

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