Since it was established in 1985, the Musée de l’Elysée has built up a significant library of over 12,000 photography books and catalogs, mainly monographs of photographers and artists as well as themed books on landscapes, portraits and surrealist photography, etc.

The acquisition of the Schifferli Collection in 2014 completed the collection of rare books from the 20th century, particularly the 1950s to 2000, including many works that are now highly sought after. Over 5,000 books have thus been added to the museum’s library.

To house all these works, the Musée de l’Elysée has entirely re-organized its library in 4 Avenue de l’Elysée, calling on the architect Jean-Gilles Décosterd to design the Café Elise, the bookshop, the museum’s reference room and the Studio, a discovery center.    

Access to the library is currently reserved for researchers and professionals.

Search interface

Renouvaud is the search interface for the library network in Vaud canton. The library of the Musée de l'Elysée is indexed on Renouvaud, the research interface of the Vaud library network.

For a seach in the Library, use the Renouvaud search engine.

Digital library

Since January 2017, the digital library project has reached a new milestone and is now available online. Using the bêta version of the platform, it is now possible to consult the archive, do text searches within the books, and to leaf through them online.