Nominees' book 2014-2016

The eight nominees of the 2014 edition were selected by the Musée l’Elysée from over 400 global applicants. Presenting the nominees’ projects, this book invites us to discover the intimacy of work-in-progress and offers a panorama of contemporary photographic practices.

At this stage of the Prix Elysée, a financial contribution has given the nominees the time and the means to come up with new projects, which are presented in a book. Texts by Caroline Stevan, a photography specialist and journalist for the daily newspaper Le Temps, allow us to get better acquainted with the nominees, who were given free rein to present their project as they wished.

The Nominees’ Book

Texts by : Caroline Stevan, Pascal Hufschmid, Jean-Marc Jacot, Sam Stourdzé and Tatyana Franck

Published by the Musée de l’Elysée, 2014
Bilingual French / English
203 x 305 mm
144 pages
86 photographs
ISBN: 978-2-88350-106-5

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